Join Project Sunshine as a College Volunteer

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College Volunteers Deliver Critical Support to Children

Project Sunshine Canada college volunteers deliver play and activities to children in need of socialization and human connection to help them cope while they are dealing with medical challenges. Play allows children to learn, explore, and it enables them to heal.

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About College Volunteers

Project Sunshine Canada has 8 active college chapters nationwide and is currently expanding this program.  Chapters participate in volunteer program activities in the hospital, organize Activity Kit packing events, and fundraise on campus to support Project Sunshine’s mission.

College Chapters engage with Project Sunshine in 3 ways:

  • Provide service opportunities (Activity Kit packing, TelePlay and in-hospital volunteering)
  • Develop leadership (Chapter Leaders, Executive Board, Committees)
  • Raise awareness (Fundraising events, collaboration with other clubs on campus, and national campaigns)

Interested in becoming a Chapter Leader and starting a club on your campus? Contact us to request an application.