Meet Daniel

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Meet Daniel

“It is never fun to be in the hospital no matter the illness, but the Activity Kits give children like Daniel something fun to do. It is just so special that this organization exists.” – Daniel’s mom, Elysia


Daniel, 10 years old, was born with a blood disorder called Sickle Cell Disease and later diagnosed with a rare inflammatory disease called Sarcoidosis, but neither have stopped him from developing a love for basketball.

This past year, Daniel has faced some extra health challenges, meaning extra trips to the ER, extra hospital admissions, but not a whole lot of the sport he loves.

During his most recent admission to a hospital in Toronto, Daniel found himself particularly upset as a medical complication led to bedrest and the cancellation of external entertainment. Daniel remained brave as ever, but he couldn’t help but feel frustrated and disappointed.

That’s when a child life specialist brought Daniel one of the Project Sunshine Basketball Activity Kits. Daniel and his mother, Elysia, began to work on his net and, quickly, Daniel went from feeling down to feeling excited. He decked out his net with the acronyms of his favourite teams, and when he felt ready to get back on his feet, he played every chance he got! Even the nurses commended him for his awesome designs and skills!

Daniel has received many Project Sunshine Activity Kits, but he says this one has been his favourite by far. He explains, “I love basketball and I am sad when I am in the hospital and I don’t get to play basketball. When I received my basketball net, I felt happy, surprised and excited!” Mom Elysia described the experience as heartwarming.

“With the pandemic and no visitors allowed and not much to do in the hospital room, the activity kits really help to lift his spirits,” Elysia shares. “[Daniel and I] bonded during the time we played together, and it was a good feeling to see him smile and be a regular child even while being in the hospital.”